About Us

Hi there, nice to meet you! We are STEFANIA, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Founded in 2020, STEFANIA was built on the foundation that strong, inspiring women paved before us. Through shapewear lingerie, we’ve been able to build a community of women that not only show up as their authentic selves everyday, but look beautiful while doing it. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, the belief that beauty begins within is one of our core values here at STEFANIA; we believe Beautiful is a Feeling.

We embrace our imperfections, celebrate our differences, and we’re proud to be surrounded by women of all different sizes, backgrounds, skin tones and more; You keep us going.

Join us as we continue to destroy the unrealistic stigma that surrounds the perception of “beautiful.” Beautiful is not something you must aspire to be, it’s who you are right in this moment. 

Everyone has their own unique story, and we want you to write the next chapters in your favorite STEFANIA piece. So c’mon in, stay awhile… we’re so glad you’re here!